Q: What are the side effects of Low T treatment?

A: As with any medication, some patients do experience a few side effects. But most are quite mild and tend to vanish rather quickly once your body adjusts to the medication. You will be given an information sheet with descriptions of what symptoms to expect. Of course, you should contact our offices any time you have any questions about your treatment including any concerns about side effects.

Q: Is hormone replacement therapy safe?

A: Our careful approach is holistic in nature and extremely safe. The purpose of the therapy is simply to restore your body’s hormones to their optimal levels. Most patients experience NO unpleasant side effects. And since the medications are custom-compounded for each patient and come in pre-measured doses, there’s practically NO chance of patient error.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: You can expect to begin feeling noticeably better within one to three weeks.

Q:  Will my insurance cover the treatments?

A: Most insurance plans do not cover this particular treatment. But when you calculate the cost savings to you of improved overall health, PrimeBody® Therapy typically pays for itself. You’ll spend less time in doctors’offices and probably require fewer prescriptions… so that’s money in your pocket! And you’ll be more productive at work, too!

Q: How often will I have to see the doctor?

A: At the initial visit, of course. After that initial visits there is a follow-up visit around 8 – 11 weeks into your program. Once you’ve had your initial and follow up visits, you’ll only need to come in for visits about every six months.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Rather than charging you thousands of dollars up front, PrimeBody® allows patients to pay as you go. Your initial payment of $300 covers your first appointment and lab work. Once you begin treatment, we bill you monthly for $199. With PrimeBody®, there are never any hidden costs or long term contracts!

Q: Do I stop taking my regular medications?

A: Absolutely not! As you respond to the PrimeBody® treatment, your overall health will improve and you’re likely to require adjustments to your current medication regimen. These decisions will be made by your primary physician, so be sure to maintain your regular appointment schedule with him or her.Studies indicate that testosterone therapy tends to reduce the need for medications used to treat hypertension, type2 diabetes and depression, as well as other chronic conditions. We’re not claiming that PrimeBody Therapy will cure you, but your health is likely to improve significantly.

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